Witches Brew Ghost Tours Attract Hundred Of Tourists


This amazing ghost tour specializes in a haunted tour of the historic French Quarter of New Orleans. As you walk through the most haunted streets, guides narrate spooky tales of slave owners, murders, and pirates and the strange occurrences and hauntings that continually occur at these spooky locations.

No doubt, the most haunted house is the Lalaurie mansion. It is legendary for its evil and most gruesome history. Otherworldly visitations are well-documented. People say they still hear the screams of the slaves who were tortured there. The lavish home of Dr. Louis LaLaurie and his wife, Delphine was the unspeakable scene of grotesque treatment of slaves. When a fire broke out in 1835, their cruelty was revealed to everyone.

Another interesting stop is the Blacksmith Shop. You may see the ghost of Jean Lafitte, the famous pirate lurking in the shadows near the fireplace. Those who have seen him say that he appears as a full bodied apparition dressed in sailor’s gear. When noticed, he simply disappears. These are just a few examples of the many documented ghostly encounters.

So if you are enjoying the beauty and charm of New Orleans as a visitor our city, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the phantoms of the French Quarter and their informative history and legends. Witches Brew Ghost Tours will introduce you to the most famous ghosts that haunts this very old city everyday. For a special treat, sign up for the old cemetery tour and visit the grave of Marie Laveau, the renowned voodoo priestess. Don’t miss this opportunity for a memorable experience.